Acting in front of the camera "Hollywood Master Class

Summer internship from Monday 05 to Friday 09 July 2021 from 10am to 5pm. Working language: French/English

A playful and demanding course where the use of imagination to bring the text and the character to life will be advocated

Using action to act

Attending the Hollywood Camera Work Seminar will give you a new insight into acting and techniques to avoid camera blockage. This workshop for an actor is the difference between a musician practicing guitar in his room and a musician playing a live concert in front of an audience.

There will only be original texts never played before. You will have worksheets where you will be forced to find the layers of a character and its relationship to other characters to learn how to play it. The worksheet forces you to find an active direction for each aspect of the character. Expect 4-5 hours to make a single character.

We'll explore:

  • The look, the letting go and the derision
  • The form and its stakes
  • The relationship to the word and the body of the actor
  • When words become action

Price : 300 euros VAT included

In this laboratory, we will only work by practice on original sequences as it should happen in this cinematic playground.
Exploration of the fictional character, its complexity, its genesis, working on the fictional character in all its diversity.

Preparing to act out the various dramatic situations: The main thing in drama is not to make a linear and chronological narrative out of a story, but to combine an action.

This sustained and encouraging week will allow some to discover the art of acting and to have a professional opinion on their abilities.
For others, it will be a meeting that will allow them to review their level in order to better adjust their knowledge and find new tools to explore the art of acting.

This course is open to all, amateurs, neophytes, future professionals or professionals wishing to discover another approach.
All the exercises will be filmed in real conditions on a movie set with various shootings.

Speaker: Philippe Cornette

Training course organized in partnership with Scénocity school only in face-to-face sessions.

Location: 11, rue Jacques Hoton 1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert

Covid-19. Standards met. Number of trainees limited to 10, studio space 75 square meters, a kitchen, two rehearsal spaces, a 50 square meter terrace, a garden as big as half a football field.