Achievement Note: Box

BOX: Short Metrage

After making a first amateur short film, called "Persecution", I had the ambition to repeat the experience. "Case" is a pilot project that came into being in September 2018, before its finality, it was intended to be duplicated, hence its name. It was to have a longer content, with more means and finally more characters. One of my objectives was to be able to obtain a film of very high quality in order to propose it to various national and international festivals and television channels. In addition to applying my training as an actor, director and filmmaker, I wanted to allow myself to gain experience in the field and in the studio but also to share it with all the members of the team at all levels. Challenger, as co-screenwriter, I had the wish to take on several challenges such as obtaining permissions for filming locations, finding two apartments in the same building, a parking lot in a super market, specific costumes, vehicles, an evolution of a meal with four people to name a few. To make this beautiful project a success, I surrounded myself with professionals, all hand-picked on the basis of their training and daily activities, including casting, cameramen, sound engineers, editors, journalists and all other disciplines. Concerned about detail and realism, I accompanied all the teams from the location scouting, shooting, post-synchro, post-production studio sound and image editing to promotion and marketing. With the goal of working in the long term with the built team, I had the desire to create a pleasant atmosphere before, during and after the shooting with everyone without exception. The Ellipses and flash backs allow all the spectators an intriguing journey with an end that makes you want to see even more. Characters are introduced gradually to make it clear who they are and how they relate to each other. Jealousy, adultery and revenge are among the main ingredients of this story.


 Jérôme Campion