Short film: CASE


Presentation of the project - Note of intent 

This project was created to promote new Belgian talent and provide them with experience. This short film will be presented in competitions and distributed very widely. The screenplay has been studied in order to gradually understand all the links between the characters. Tensions and intrigues will lead to an unexpected end, to say the least. The story makes it easy to get into the characters' skin in the face of today's society. Inspired by exercises from my acting classes, this story, after the introduction, leads to the plot before a surprising final fall. In addition to this short film, this project has the long-term goal of forming a tightly knit team that will give rise to other creations.

Director: Jérôme Campion

Jérôme Campion

Jérôme Campion has taken several acting and directing courses at Scénocity, Atelier Beatriz Flores Silva and Cours Florent. In June 2018, he wrote and co-produced his first short film: "Persecution". Having developed a taste for getting behind the camera, he co-wrote a new screenplay: "Case" which he hopes to direct in 2019 in Brussels. He is currently busy establishing budgets and building his team. Filming should not exceed 3 days. In order to carry out this beautiful mission, he will complete his training as a filmmaker at the renowned Raindance school in Brussels.

1st Assistant Director (Fiction): Hélène Godts 


My name is Hélène Godts, I'm the third of a family of 6 children. After obtaining a master's degree in law, I entered the Royal Conservatory of Brussels and have just finished my studies there. Today, I'm an actress and a singer. I make videos and also teach theatre to children in Belgium, Switzerland and Lebanon. My passions are poetry, sports and nature. 

Assistant Director "Plateau" : Léo De Wouters  


My name is Léandro and I'm passionate about the 7th art. For me, filmmaking is about "shaping a world, retranscribing our vision of a story, conveying emotions, but also a message". In short, to be free..."  

Assistant Director "Technical Staff" : Lola Dubrunfaut 


Hello, I'm Lola, I'm a graduate in journalism, I worked for 4 years in documentary and events and recently graduated from a Digital Video Producer course at the SAE. I aspire to discover the world of Belgian Cinema. Passionate and curious, I love to take on new challenges and meet new people.  

  • Script: Valérie Marique

Once upon a Time... 

All stories, whether told or filmed, begin this way. It's these stories, these points of view and the emotions they emanate from the cinema, in particular, that fascinate me and make me vibrate. Cinema has always been a part of my life. The worlds of De Palma, Scorsese, Spielberg, De Niro, J-J Annaud, Jeunet and Caro, among others, cradled my adolescence. Then, beyond the content, the technical and aesthetic aspects appeared just as fascinating to me. The barber scene in "The Untouchables" piqued my curiosity. Cinema, second nature!

  • Manufacturer: iBPM Production

1st Production Assistant: Antoine Sauwen


"Hello, I'm from Brussels and I started as a self-taught filmmaker, 6 years ago now, I'm a director, scriptwriter, producer, editor, cameraman and cameraman. It is in film production that I want to become professional and that is why I seized the opportunity at the announcement of the "CASE" project to join the adventure of iBPM". My intention is to assist as much as possible Jérôme and the other members of the team in order to move forward in the same direction. I think it is essential to have the same desire to progress and experiment to obtain a result that resembles us and that belongs to us, let's work together for the project in order to be proud of it.

PS: I like to end a day with a Zinnebir in my hand. »

1st Production Assistant: Ludivine Hardy from Buisseret


"I am a psychologist by training and have always had a passion for drawing and painting. My training in psychology has always been for me a source of inspiration and a pretext for creation. My artistic touch is eager to express itself through all media and disciplines. Currently, I aspire to better understand the different roles on a shooting and to acquire experience in order to one day realize my own projects. » 

Production Assistant: Axelle Blin


"I finished my Anthropology studies in Brussels before turning to one of my other passions: cinema. I'm thinking of becoming a documentary filmmaker because for me it's a way of linking Anthropology and cinema. I am currently doing an internship in a film production company. "Case" and iBPM Production will introduce me to yet another aspect of cinema, I can't wait!"

Maïlys Parmentier

1st Post-Production Assistant:
Maïlys Parmentier

Graduated from IAD in script editing, I directly started my professional career as an editor in fiction, documentary and news. I have also had some experience as a script editor on music videos. Recently, I discovered the world of production thanks to a targeted company in the International News.
With my double hat, the job of post-production assistant allows me to combine my new vocation in production with my passion for post-production.

2nd Post-Production Assistant: Elise Bogaerts 

  • Casting:

Marc: Leading male role - Serge Pierre

Serge BC'.

Passionate about ju-jitsu and horseback riding, Serge has a wide experience as an actor in both short films and feature films, but also in TV movies, series, web series, theatre and commercials where he has played multiple roles".

Emmanuelle: 1st Female Role - Inge Theunissen


I am Dutch speaking and have been living in Brussels for more than 10 years. I love the French language, that's why I crossed the linguistic border to appreciate the mix of cultures and languages. A few months ago, I decided to take acting lessons in front of the camera at Scénocity first of all to have fun and also to discover the world of cinema. 

 David: Supporting male role - Sergio Bianconi

IMG_1135 2

"Self-taught in singing and guitar for a few years now, I've been flirting with the 7th art for three years now". Ambitious by nature with a thirst to learn, everything followed very naturally for me: figuration, silhouette in films with Jean Dujardin, Mathieu Amalric and Eddy Mitchell to name but a few. I'm pursuing acting courses in front of the camera at Scenocity as well as modules on American and Russian heritage directed by Beatriz Flores Silva.

Déborah: Supporting actress - Ludiane de Brocéliande


A committed poet who leaves no one indifferent, she has received two literary prizes, including one for her novel "Thaler's Syndrome". She currently expresses herself passionately in the 7th art. Film actress, short and feature films, commercials or institutional films, she has the ability to enter the character's skin through emotions.

  • Johanna: A neighbour - Ophelia Rigutto 


"This year I took the challenge of starting face-to-face camera classes as well as acting classes to discover a little more about the world of film, what I like about film is the fact that I play different characters, a character that allows the audience to find themselves through him. “

  • Lucie : A policewoman - Hélène Godts
  • Lisa - A policewoman - Elena Sarda

"I have been passionate about dance since I was very young and I want to evolve in the artistic world and continue to transmit all kinds of emotions through the cinema. After various experiences in extras and advertising, it is with great excitement that I am now taking acting lessons face camera and discover both the beauty and complexity of this 7th art. 

  • Patrick : A real estate agent - Jérôme Campion
  • Bertrand: A policeman
  • Alain : Lab Agent - Patrick Motte

Used to the camera, he shot in feature films, short films, music videos, commercials, ...

  • Bénédicte : Lab agent - Madeleine Van Den Bogaert

"I am eager to discover new skills, explore new spaces and meet new people by getting out of my comfort zone, surpassing myself and performing. With this in mind, I wanted to discover the inner world of the actor by taking the face-to-face classes."


I'm passionate about the game. They say I'm instinctive, picky and a good listener. Playing and playing is my pleasure. Graduated in diction from the Namur conservatory since I was 14 years old, playing in the theatre has been an obvious choice since then. Currently, co-president of the troupe that saw me grow up, I'm training as an actor in front of the camera. My main ambition is to have fun through various roles, whatever they may be!

Photographer: Pierre Coppin


For me, photography is the art of looking at a fraction of a second that will never come back. It is there to stir emotions, to record the range of feelings inscribed on the human face, the beauty of the land we have inherited, the richness and disorder we have created.

Sound Engineer A (Fiction): Martin Dornic

Martin Dornic

 Martin has long been passionate about sound and cinema and in 2015 he decided to take a completely different path in his career when he decided to study Sound Engineering at the SAE Institute Brussels. He is gradually specializing in sound to image, both in sound recording during filming as well as in mixing and sound design in post-production. He now aspires to work full-time in the sector and always enjoys taking up challenges.

1st Assistant Sound Engineer : Antoine Goosse 


Musician (guitar/bass) for 15 years and freshly graduated as a sound engineer, he has joined several music groups that have allowed him to develop a musical ear for all genres. A graduate of the SAE (Brussels), he currently works as a technician for RTBF and on fiction projects (sound recording, dialogue editing and mixing).

Camera A (Fiction): 


Trained at the IAD, Mathieu Haessler first turned to various documentary forms: audiovisual, radio, photography. He has also worked for video creations in dance and performing arts, and is developing a camera operator activity in fiction.


Camera B (Making of & Reportage): Simon Goval 

"Passionate about cinema and images, I have always loved working on visual ambiences, contrast and depth of field. Films such as those by Jaco Van Dormael, the Caro-Jeunet duo, or Julio Medem, among others, have left their mark on my vision, and today, from this passion, I have made my profession by becoming a cinematographer after studying image at INRACI and working on various film projects. Open to all genres, I work with directors to bring our visions together and bring their projects to life. »

Antoine is a qualified cameraman-editor from INRACI, Brussels, Belgium. This professional works in different sectors of audio-visual (television, fiction, reportage, video clip, ...) however he quickly turned to his passion which is documentary film. His projects are often turned towards socio-cultural or ecological issues, such as the films "Symbiosis" and "My Forest" for which he received the prize for best editing at the Nature Namur festival and the Santa Fe film festival.

  • Editing Video Making of : Michel Van Hée

Rocked in the artistic since childhood, be it by the creation of furniture, by the hobby, the passion holds me when I can express an emotion, a feeling, an impression... life is Art. My first steps in video date from the moment a friend asks me if I agreed to film the political debates of his party, with their cameras and microphones. Why not, a new challenge is proposed to me and I like to discover, the apprenticeship has occupied me a few weeks/months/years... and so after more than 4 years I acquired the cinema equipment essential to evolve more freely, more artistically.

Screenplay & Dialogues: Philippe Henry and Jérôme Campion 

Adaptations : Ludiane de Brocéliande and Léo De Wouters

Make-up: Clara Torregrossa

I have been a professional make-up artist for more than 3 years a real passion for me. I am very professional in my work and I like to make people feel confident. It is a real pleasure to work for you and to meet new people.


Translation: Inge Theunissen and Sarah Christoyannis

Public Relations: Loubna Kerroudj


"Dynamic and highly motivated, I love my strong character and the high standards I have always shown in everything I do, which has earned me the nicknames "Commander" or "General". I like to solve problems, improve what already exists, help and advise. In short, I like to make myself useful. Having worked in communications for 20 years, communication is second nature to me."

Journalist (Reportage & Making of): Lola Dufrunfaut

Voices OFF: Sarah Christoyannis

Graphic Designer: Emilie Campion


 "I'm a graphic designer, webdesigner by training and by profession, but I'm also a fan of Design, Cosplay, Comics and video games to name but a few. I am currently working full time at the Federation Inforjeunes de Namur. Beware, when people start to know me, I'm a little crazy ". 

Stage Manager: Macadamcar


- Far From The Crowd: My Dark Passenger - Liège


Far From The Crowd is a universe that could be qualified as "instrumental-doom-gothic", there are sometimes slow riffs giving melancholic ambiences, but also more peachy structures. The compositions are mainly made available to directors of audiovisual projects, whether short or feature films, in order to embellish them; and to be in perfect harmony with the story, the theme and the meaning of the project.


Clément Trouveroy

"Music gives a soul to our hearts and wings to our thoughts" Thus spoke Plato and we can't prove him wrong! At the age of 23, I hold a Master's degree in Economic Sciences in Belgium and I have been composing, perfectly self-taught, for more than three years. My sources of inspiration are diverse: classical composers, current film music composers, popular songs... and sometimes even silence! Passionate, determined and creative, I like to take up challenges and there is no better challenge at the moment than composing music for a film. Finally, I am also an actor (several roles in amateur and professional plays) and the author of a trilogy published at the age of 17.

- Jérôme Campion: Violin


After being deejay at parties, concerts and festivals, I started composing music for soundtracks. My sources of inspiration come mainly from "The Prodigy", "Fatboy slim", "Chemical brothers" and "Moby".

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